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{personal. baby photography} fairmont bc: baby boy turns 12!

{personal. baby photography} fairmont bc: baby boy turns 12!

As I looked through pictures dated waaaayyyyy back to 2002- seems like yesterday!- it was amazing to revisit such wonderful times… different stages in our lives here in our little corner of the world.  Family, friends, neighbourhood kids who wander in and out of our home today, as babies were crawling and toddling about in this same living room.

I can’t believe the time has passed so quickly and…

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{personal. pet photography} brodie. dreadless.

{personal. pet photography} brodie. dreadless.

I’ve done this to my kid once… let him grow long, straggly ol’ hippie dreads and then, once they’ve reached downright painfully matted proportions, and we know there’s no possible hope that a brush could ever pull through the mop, finally cut them all off.  Here’s our Brodie… our shaggy, woolly, hippie Westie, before and after. From rasta to respectable!  tracy connery photography- pet portrait photography

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